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                             Welcome to love eCig™

Quit Smoking Traditional Cigarettes Now!

E Cigarettes are now tested and proven to be safe and the most successful way to quit 4000 other chemicals contained in tobacco.  The eCig is changing society for the better and has already helped millions of smokers across the globe swap their old age harmful habits to a healthier product which does not contain any carcinogenic substances.

 Nicotine is highly addictive but is often compared to be as harmless as caffeine in coffee and soft drinks. Essentially nicotine is a vital component in eCigarettes to free a smoker from a destructive habit  to a much healthier alternative.


Join the loveCig family and quit the habit.


Neptune Advanced Vaping

Pre filled clearomizer system provides a liquid solution for consumers without any hassle, mess or risk

The New launch of the advanced loveCig Neptune is the perfect introduction to the industry and truly is a landmark in terms of simplicity and the most satisfying vaping experience.


SmartPod loveCigs

The loveCig slim line smart pod pcc starter kit pack is smaller then a regular pack of cigarettes. This stylish smart pod is a multi functional power pack which happens to contain 3x pre filled cartomizers (equivalent of approximately 75 cigarettes).


Ecig smartpod 3
neptune large

Screwless love eCig

The new Screwless love eCig Neptune kit is tailor made to be as satisfying and as simple as smoking. The screwless clip connector system is the perfect solution for quick and simple clearomizer changes.


love eLiquid™

Our love eLiquid™ has a very special taste. We would not settle for nothing but the best ingredients and best tasting eLiquid for our customers.

Through significant efforts and dedication over a period of 6 years we have sourced and built relationships with the real connoisseur’s of the makers of eLiquid potions.



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